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"Sit yourself down cuz you know you gonna stay"

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lauren and normani during going nowhere

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lauren forgot the choreography during reflection

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laurnah during reflection (x)

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jauregui hair flip (+)

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how often do you see five young women in the music industry that have publicly stated that they’re very much apart of the feminist movement, who sing about accepting yourself and not needing anyone else (not to mention the songs have a v nice tune that makes you feel super badass) and who use their status to encourage other young people to be comfortable and be confident in their own skin wow wow fifth harmony is so important


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The sound quality on this is insane praise the lord.

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going nowhere is all fun and games until you hit the chorus and in that moment the male population is decreased by thousands

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im so deep in my lauren feels wow omg i just want to be her best friend and listen to her talk about the universe and art and music and god i just love her so much why cant i be her friend



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